Life on the edge…

I’ve never been too great at dealing with extreme heights but after finally finding the courage to try a skydive and a bungee jump or two over the past few years I’m much better than I used to be! Which, when a friend of mine […]

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The Inca Trail

So… who can remember studying the Inca Empire during one of their school history lessons?  Well, despite recalling very little of mine, I do remember a lesson about the Incas!  A civilization stretching all the way back the 13th century with arguably their most famous icon, Machu […]

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One Island. 106 km. Twenty Hours.

While searching for a new adventure early in 2016 I found the Isle of Wight Challenge on Action Challenge‘s website, the very same company I chose to trek Kilimanjaro with three years earlier.  They offered various walking challenges, one of which was located on the Isle of […]

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Eivissa. The White Isle.

After a 4-year break it’s time to get back to the wonderfully unique island of Ibiza for a week of hedonism and hopefully some culture, exploration and relaxation!  I’ll be blogging the whole week (assuming I remember it all) and you’ll read and see it […]

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One foot in front of the other…

The Challenge! Over the past few months, I’d been looking for a new challenge to do following the Isle of Wight Challenge I took part in last year (2016) which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I found a lot to choose from online but the majority were either […]

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Drop of faith

Ever seen the movie “Touching the Void”? A survival film about Joe Simpson and Simon Yates’ near-fatal climb of Siula Gtande in the Peruvian Andes based on Simpson’s book of the same name. In brief, on a descent from the West Face of Siula Grande, […]

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Uhuru Peak 5895m

To celebrate a major birthday milestone in 2013, I was looking to do something a little different, perhaps a physical or mental challenge, preferably in another country, and soon enough Kilimanjaro came onto my radar after watching a documentary on British television. The documentary followed […]

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I’ve been obsessed with all things Space-related since for as long as I can remember, playing with Space-themed Lego for hours and hours in my younger years.  And  now, many years later, the interest hasn’t waned and I still find it all incredibly awe-inspiring. Rarely do […]

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